we have officially started the RRP rom tune IN Project –S

1. FULL SPEC setting for both type 1 and type 2 (versions 2)
2. Limited spec setting ( equal speed and rev cut removed)
3. High cam setting
4. New added! DYNO ROM TUNE! To optimize your full car potential!

Feel free to visit us to try out our demo ECU for better understanding of the ROM tune power.

What is Dynapack?

The Modular Design of the Dynapack™ lends itself to many applications thereby providing cost effective solutions to engineers, tuners, product developers, OEMs’, exhaust manufacturers and of course many aftermarket applications where alternative parts and tuning methods can enhance vehicle performance and fuel economy. The high standards and intense focus of Dynapack™ engineers have created the most sought after dynamometer on the market today and is chosen by those who want no nonsense performance and reliability.


How does the Dynapack work?

The theory of operation and the implementation of that theory are actually fairly simple. The hubs of the vehicle are directly attached to hydraulic pumps. We can apply a variable but precise load with all of the potential holding power that hydraulics possesses. Simultaneously, we are monitoring pressures and measuring hub RPM, so we can determine the amount of work being performed. It sounds easy until you realize that all of these calculations are very complex and are happening very quickly. Add to this, all of the data logging functions and real-time full-colours graphics that are also being calculated and you begin to realize that what appears to be simple is actually very complex. Being the best is never easy. Traditionally, most serious engine builders have thought that chassis dynamometers were inferior to the results you could obtain from a quality engine DYNO. We have effectively attached engine DYNO style load cells to the axles, so we now have the type of precision and repeatability normally associated with an engine DYNO, but with the convenience and benefit of having the engine operate in its natural environment – which has enabled many of our customers to see better results than they were getting on their engine DYNO.

Want to hold a steady RPM under high power? We can hold an exact axle RPM (+/- one RPM) at any power level – all the way up to the full maximum rated torque capacity of the DYNO, CONTINUOUSLY – for as long as you like. It does give you an idea of just how much power we have over the axle speed.