Aero Bumper Diffuser,Rear

The spoon has developed s2000 aero parts since 2007 and has demonstrated excellent performance in super endurance races, etc., but has been pursuing further aerodynamics and launching a new front/rear bumper for s2000.

the actual battle has been launched since last year, and the performance is surpassed the old model, but the air resistance can be reduced, and the downforce can be obtained by controlling the air flowing through the bottom of the vehicle body.

this aero allows you to maximize the power of the engine, but can withstand the horizontal g without reducing the speed at the corner as much as possible, and is also effective for fuel economy.

development uses the state -of -the -art cfd analysis to review the air flow from the front end of the bumper to the engine food.

the air resistance is reduced by smoothing the shape.

furthermore, by inflating both ends of the bumper rather than genuine, by crossing the bottom.

downforce is generated with the same effect as the canard attached.

in addition, the flow of air is used to create the effect of absorbing air inside the wheel arch.

the above effects could be confirmed by performing fluid analysis.

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