The product developed this time is a full bumper type that is replaced with a genuine bumper, and the material is FRP. While following the simple style of successive Civic, it is designed to achieve both functionality, with a dynamic look of the Normal bumper of FK8.

The biggest feature in the function is that the grill area is mesh type and maximized.

The biggest weak point in FK8’s sports driving is the cooling -based problem, but the bumper designed to lead the driving wind to the radiator and intercooler as much as possible and improve the cooling performance is the entire front grille. The lightweight resin mesh is adopted, and in the genuine genuine, the dummy side duct part can be used as a mesh, so that the side part can be incorporated as a running wind, and the installation of the post -applied oil cooler and intake duct is also considered. Masu.

The lip part is stuck with carbon and a bumper and integrated structure. We have realized a smooth design without steps that inherit the traditional style of SPOON Civic. In addition, the genuine brake duct in the bumper can be used as it is.

It is possible to transplant and install a genuine fog lamp.

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