The most important point in developing air cleaner is how to reduce the inhalation resistance and increase the filling efficiency, but since the engine is a precision machine, it is also necessary to enhance the dustproof effect of the air incorporated. 。 In particular, street use has a high percentage of dustproofing effects, and filter paper and cotton type are mainstream.

We have been developing with the theme of how to balance these two contradictory effects.

Therefore, the filter material adopted this time uses a polyester fiber developed with the cooperation of Sprint Filter, which has a track record in two and four -wheeled races, mainly in Europe, and can be realized with a cotton filter. We succeeded in securing the inhalation amount and reliable removal of dust at a high dimension.

The red line is a SPOON air cleaner, and the ash line is a genuine air cleaner.

In comparison with Dino, the output is improved in the whole area. Even if you run, you can feel a light acceleration and deceleration, improving the response in the whole area.

The uniform folds and the overlapping part of the fibers can be welded to high pressure, and there is little deformation of polyester fiber and the inflow of air is not impaired.

In addition, a strong stainless steel mesh prevents foreign substances from the air duct from breaking through the filter and invading.

For maintenance, you don’t need to apply filter oil or cleaning agent, just fly dust with an airgun. If the dirt is severe, it is OK to clean it with a neutral detergent and dry it naturally.

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