In SPOON, we have developed ECUs and intake and exhaust systems to maximize the potential of the S07B engine installed by N-ONE.

The turbo engine can be easily powered up by ECU settings because it is forced to inhale by the turbo charger, but in order to obtain the original engine performance sufficiently, it reduces inhalation resistance and increases filling efficiency. The same method is required.

We have developed a high -efficiency air cleaner by sticking to genuine replacement types to gain the best driverability that does not appear in the power graph due to the high filling efficiency and excellent heat -shielding of the genuine air cleaner box.

The filter material adopts a polyester fiber, ensuring the amount of inhalation that could not be realized with conventional cotton filters, and reliable removal of dust.

The driving test with the actual car has improved the power in the middle and high -speed range and achieves high -response.

Maintenance is unnecessary to apply filter oil or cleaning agent, just fly dust with an airgun.

* If the dirt is particularly severe, wash it with a neutral detergent, wash it naturally and re -install it.

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