We create various parts that make the new generation K-Sports N-ONE a more fun car.

One of the elements that brings out the fun is improving power performance.

Hondata Flash Pro has already improved its output, but has developed a large -capacity turbo charger to further improve power performance.

The development keyword of this turbo charger is “balance”.

If you seek the maximum power that can be created by the engine, the turbine will be larger and the output will be improved, but a turborg that takes a long time to the supercharging will be remarkable.

In addition, the engine will not be able to withstand high superior pressure, and pistons and cone rods will also need to be redesigned.

In order to achieve specifications that balance power, response, and engine durability in a high dimension, the turbo charger has increased the compressor wheels and turbine wheels by about 10 %, respectively, as a completely genuine replacement type.

As a result, it is possible to obtain high power performance while ensuring reliability.

In addition, in order to respond to the lack of fuel capacity due to the increase in inhaled air, the kit comes with a large -capacity injector, a large -capacity fuel pump, a high -pressure fuel regulator, and a set of gaskets required when installing.

Controls can run without individual current car settings by using calibration data newly added to Hondata Flash Pro.

Of course, you can optimize individual vehicles by setting the current car.

Powered up by Big Turbo Charger, and N-ONE transforms into a high-dimensional K-Sports.

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