In recent years, various switches such as radar cruise control and function setting buttons have been attached to the steering wheels, and the switch is required to be transferred to sports steering, so the steering replacement hurdle has increased.

Therefore, we have a switch relocation kit for the steering boss so that it can be easily replaced with sports steering.

Enjoy a comfortable sports driving with this set that combines a sense of steering with a low inertia peculiar to sports steering.

Most Vehicle of Today Comes with Controls of Various Functions (I.E., Cruise Control) Installed on The Steering Wheel. ONS FOR OWNERS TO HESITATE TO CUSTOMIZE THEIR STEERING WHEEL FOR IMPROVED SPORTS DRIVING.

ASA Solution, We have Released a Steering Boss and Bracket Set to Relocate The Various Controls from The Steering Wheel to the Boss.

Now you can enjoy the like the performance of Spoon’s Sports Steering WitHout Giving Up The ConvenientS Functions That Came with the ORIGINAL STEERING WHE ​​WHE El.

* PLEASE NOTE THAT STEERING BOSS with the Bracket Set is Available for Purchase.

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