About a year has passed since the 10th generation Civic was launched. In SPOON, we have repeated tests on all stages to pursue even higher areas while making use of the high total balance of Civic, but cars weighing more than 1300 kg were the most challenging for a time attack on circuit driving. The brake burden was increased by heavy.

The size of the genuine brake disc of FK7 Hatchback/FC1 SEDAN is φ282, 23mm thick, but the temperature of the brake disc exceeds 500 ° C in sports driving.

Therefore, SPOON has newly developed a 6pot monocoque caliper and a dedicated brake disc that had been testing and developing in the Super Endurance Series since 2016.

The φ312 25mm thick reverse bench rated disk can be greatly reduced by the rise in brake temperature and heating in sports driving. The Jadder resistance has been greatly improved, and a stable brake feel has been achieved even on continuous laps.

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