■ brake rotor in addition to conventional mass -produced products, as a countermeasure against heat cracks that was inevitable by drilling holes, a spoon participated in the design and created a flap -type casting type.while obtaining ideal strength, the reality and vertical reality are reflected in the the average of the ideal carbon content, the width of the specific weight can be narrowed, and the individual differences between rotors have been reached at a certain placing the casting middle child in the hole position precisely, the groundbreaking strength and cooling performance were obtained.when hard braking, when entering the caliper (intervention side), the rotor is cold, and when it comes out (intervening side), it is a high temperature distribution.if this is repeated, the “distortion” that occurs on the rotor surface is transmitted to the hub, causing “vibration”.in addition, the brake feel becomes a sponge by spreading the the spoon, we aimed for a rich riding feeling even if you run normally by improving the rotation balance, overall strength, etc. in addition to the normal hard braking measures than the normal.

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