In order to operate the engine efficiently, it is necessary to capture high -density air.

We knew from experience that inhalation, which is inhaled, “a decrease in air temperature = an increase in air density” is very effective in improving the efficiency of the engine, regardless of the natural intake engine or a supercharger engine. 。

Therefore, we prototyped an air intake duct as a device to lower the intake temperature, and after the actual driving test and bench test, in the race.

In the race, the effect of the carbon e -adact was demonstrated, and the driver was well received for torque and easy driving in the whole area.

After that, we made improvements to each part based on the data obtained in the race and completed the carbon evad.

The carbon e -adact consists of two parts.

One is an air scoop that is placed in the front grill and blocks the surrounding heat and incorporates air. The other is an air duct plate that guides the air cleaner box in the engine room.

The normal intake layout has a structure that captures the air inside the front grill, so it is affected by the radiator at low speeds such as cornering, and incorporates air that is higher than the outside air. By providing a large air scoop toward the end of the grill, it is possible to intake from the surrounding routes, so you can directly incorporate the outside air that is not warmed by the radiator. In addition, we use the driving wind to actively guide the outside air to the air cleaner box.

The air duct plate in the engine room leads to the air cleaner box without escaping the air incorporated by the air scoop.

Please fully enjoy the high -efficiency FK8 with this carbon e -adact that can achieve a stable output while taking advantage of the normal intake layout, which has high heat insulation and has excellent output characteristics in the whole area. 。

The air scoop is made of FRP, and the air duct plate is made of pre -vegeteg carbon/Kevler.

It can be attached to both normal bumper and spoon aero bumper.

In Order for the Engine to Run Efficiently, it Needs to Be

Whether it is a normally aspirated or a turbo engine, taking in cooler air = Higher Density Air. LL Know from Experience.

Materialized Our IDEAS, We Produced Prototypes of Our Air Intake Dust, Testing Them on OUR CARS and THE BENCH. FOR THE ULTIMATE TEST He Air Duct to Our Racing CAR AND RAN THE 25 Hours at ThunderHill.

The EffectiveNess of The Air Intake Ducke Dust Was Obvious. All Our Drives Came Back with Positive Feedback CAR EASIER TO DRIVE. Also, with Higher-Than-Expected Fuel Efficiency, We Were Able to Finish The Race First-in-class.

Using Data Obtated from Racing, Final Modifications Were Made to Finally Produce The Spoon Sports Carbon Air Dust.


The Air Scoop PlacedeDe The Front Grille, Helps to Shutout Hot Air Accumulating in The Engine Bay. The Air Duct Place PlaceDe Inside The Engine Bay Del IVERS FRESH AIR TO THE AIR CLEANER BOX.

With the stock air intake configuration, AIR is taken in from the from the Front Grille, Possible Including AIR HEATED from The Radiator, Especialy in Lo W-Speed ​​Corners. by Placing An Air Scoop At the Very Front of the Grille, Our Product Ensures the Flow Of Clean Air Unaffected from the Radiator as Well as ActiveLy Taking in AirFlow from Driving.

The AIR DUCT PLACED Inside The Engine Bay Ensures of Clean the Air from the Air Intake Scoop.

Without digisturbing the well-designed Heat Insulation Structure of the Stock Intake Layout, Our Carbon AIR DUCT HELPS TO Secure Cooler and Stable Flow of a IR for Maximum Power Output of the FK8.

The Air Scoop Is Made from from the Air Dust Plate is from prepreg carbon/Kevlar.

Compatible with Both the Stock Bumper or the Spoon Aero Bumper.

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