Clutch hoses change from normal rubber hoses to stainless steel mesh hoses to improve heat resistance and swelling resistance, and get excellent pedal fees and direct operations even in severe environments such as circuit driving.

In addition, clutch damper, which is often used in MT cars in recent years, suppresses foil spin due to the rough clutch operation of the driver on a low μ road, but on the other hand, the clutch operation during shift changes due to the delayed mechanism is a little. A delay will occur.

This clutch damperless hose excludes the delayed mechanism by replacing the damper with a stainless steel mesh hose, enabling direct clutch operation. Pedal operation and handling can lead to a pleasant drive feel that has a direct operation feeling that does not shift to the driver operation.

The stainless steel mesh hose of the product covers a low -swelling toflonut with a stainless steel mesh. In addition, vinyl coating is applied to the surface to improve the durability of the hose itself.

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