When we develop a product, we aim to make the driver smiling.

What is required for the suspension system is a riding comfort that is not too hard and not too soft, a high road tracking that brings stable behavior, and high -load/high -speed stability.

These are all elements that reduce driver stress and make driving fun.

A 10th Civic suspension with high body rigidity and good handling is comfortable in normal state, but if you wear a sports driving or a tire with high grip power, you will be able to fully bring out the performance due to the lack of power in the winding or mini circuit. It will be difficult.

Therefore, we have developed the best balance between street+winding, with a combination of FIX damper and progressive spring.

A suspension system that allows you to enhance the stability in the high -speed range, ensure the comfort of the streets, and to subtract the Civic sports performance by 100 % by controlling the initial movement of the damper.

OUR GOAL BESPOON is to make drivers Happy with OUR PRODUCTS.

This New Suspension System is Neither Too Hard Nor Too Soft, it is just right and Provides with you a High road followability and stable PERFORMANCE REQ Req UIRED for A High Speed ​​and High Intensity Driving

Stress Free Enjoyable Trips for every Car Owner.

10th Generation Civic with ITH BODY BODY RIGIDITY is Certainly Enough to Ride In Normal Conditions , Especially with Grip Tires, That Might Not Simping Be Enough.

Our Intension Was to Make the Best-BalanceD System Consisting of Fix Dampers and ProgramsSive Springs DS.

This resulted in a suspension System that Scrupulous Controls The Initial Damper Movement Proiding The Stability at High Speeds and Ensuring The COM THE COM FORT THROUGH THE STREET RIDES AS WELL


Spoon Progressive Springs (Recommanded)/ Normal Springs Compatible

Original Upper Mount Transplant, BUMP RUBBERS ATTACHED


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