The already commercialized progressive spring will lower the center of gravity of the vehicle, improve the cornering performance, and turn N-ONE to a fun car.

However, with normal damper, the capacity of high grip tires is insufficient, so the performance of the tire cannot be reduced 100 %. In addition, the occurrence of damping at the beginning of the damper movement is weak, and high -speed driving causes fluffy.

We have developed a damper for progressive spring, aiming to build a more sporty and comfortable suspension system.

Instead of enhancing the damping force to the dark clouds seeking cornering performance, there are various types, such as setup of a small speed range that the damper starts to act, and the damping force at a high load. The test is repeatedly consented.

The genuine shape secures a sufficient stroke amount, optimizes the length of the rod and damper case, and the damping force has been set to about 30 %.

It also matches high grip tires, and sufficient strokes can run comfortably on various roads. A suspension that allows you to enjoy sporty and light handling with confidence is completed.

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