The drive shaft is the key to power transmission.

The reason we work on the drive shaft is that we can get a smooth ride while improving durability.

The driving shaft of the front wheel drive vehicle needs to transmit a torque while holding a large angle to steer while transmitting the driving force to the wheel.

As a result, the joints were very heavy, and the race was often in trouble.

One of the problems measures in the race is the mirror processing of the joint.

The surface of the metal before processing is covered with small scratches, and those small scratches continue to undergo driving torque, causing stress concentration and cracks, damage and burning.

By removing and polishing the burrs in each part, this mirror surface is a task to improve the durability of cracks and prevent damage.

In addition, grease used for the joint can withstand high -load driving such as circuit driving by using grease with heat resistance and high pressure.

The drive shaft that improves durability and has less resistance and moving smoothly is the key to creating a good car.

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