Remarks & special notes
(note) wax is used in the product production process, so be sure to defire before painting.

then devour the surface with # 800 water -resistant paper.

in addition, there may be small pin holes, scratches, cracks, etc. on the surface, but if you can do the groundwork with a polyester putty/sofacer, it will be beautifully finished.

・ be sure to provide the product before painting.

・ in the environment such as a painted booth/heater, the product will be deformed, so please dry it naturally without adding heat.

・ when the temperature is low, such as in winter, or when the humidity is high, please dry it as a whole at 40 ° c or less.

・ do not heat it partially.it may cause strain.

* because it is a large product, it will be delivered by seino transportation.

since it is not possible to deliver to a private house, please specify the nearest sales office or a supplier to be installed.

please note that the delivery date and time cannot be specified.

separate shipping 4,000

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