What is “3S suspension” advocated by SPOON?

○ At the moment when the suspension sinks, the bugging area is soft, making it a flat ride even on city riding.

○ In the middle range, the sliding resistance is eliminated and smoothly improves direct load transfer and straight forward stability.

○ In the vicinity of the bottom, high durability is achieved even in the extreme range, such as a tough and strong attenuation characteristic, such as riding a high G corner ring and riding a curb.

However, in order to take advantage of this ideal suspension, it was necessary to build the ideal body first.

In the process of developing the S660, we first developed rigidity parts such as the “STIFF PLATE series” and “Rigicara”, measured the rigidity of the whole body, and created the basics of suspension full -fledged development.

This is the balanced total setting that SPOON aims.

In all stages, such as city riding, winding, and circuits, to create high -level, fun, and fast damper kits, we set up and set up a huge amount of data, ideal car harmonic kit. Is completed.

Both the front and rear can be adjusted to the camber value according to the driving stage, and the tire fender line can be taken out by attaching a big caliper.

The pillow ball that enables smooth and direct driving feel is made of Minebea (NMB) to achieve high durability.

We have a sufficient rebound stroke, and we have a helper spring both back and forth to achieve the ideal “spring feeling”.

A wide range of settings such as low -down setting on the circuit and street use are possible.

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