[Hondata] FlashPro Civic 2016+ Turbo 1.5 HB/SEDAN

[Update] February 5, 2021: Cancellation of the idol stop function is now possible.

[Update] June 11, 2020: 2020 model FK7 MT has been compatible.

[Update] May 21, 2020: 2020 model FK7 CVT and FC1 are compatible.

[Update] February 26, 2020: The Hondata Mobile app is charged.

[Update] August 15, 2019: Basic operation manual has been posted.

[Update] August 6, 2019: The setting of the FK7 (M/T car) response up mode has been added to the installation manual.

[Update] August 1, 2019: In July 2019, there is no impact on FlashPro by the “Update of Control Computer Program for Collision Reduction Brakes” notified by Honda Motor Motor Co., Ltd.

[Update] July 29, 2019: Electric fan operation temperature can be changed.

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