[Hondata] FlashPro Civic 2022+ Turbo 1.5 HB

The Hondata Flash Pro is a system that allows engine management via a normal engine ECU, and can also controller a variety of controls, including fuel, ignition, and boost pressure.

Since you can change the tuning shop and the settings on your own, you can enjoy your favorite setup according to each application.

In addition, we have prepared two types of original calibration (tuue data) for FL1 for FL1.

Aiming for a natural and easy -to -drive feeling, this specification improves the accelerator response, reduces the turbo lag, and has output characteristics that smoothly rises from the low rotation range.

There is a 1.3 specification of the aging pressure and a more sporty 1.6 specification, and if you install them, you do not need a detailed setup.

1.3 specification: 199ps/5,500rpm 31.0kgf ・ M/3,200rpm (low boost ver)

1.6 specifications: 218ps/5,400rpm 34.6kgf ・ M/3,500rpm (Hyboust Ver made by SPOON SPORTS)

Reference output (our demo car measurement value)

Original calibration can run immediately by uploading data to the vehicle. Furthermore, if you select a factory setting, you can return to the normal state.

Hondata Flash Pro is a system that allows you to the English using the normal ecu. It Helps to Manage Fuel Intake, Ignition, Boost Pressure and Trac TRAC Tion Control Among Other Settings.

The Settings Could Be Adjusted Not Just at the Tuning Shop, But Also by Yourself, Allowing You to Setup Your Car To Your Personal Needs.

In Addition to the Above, We have Made 2 Original Calibrations (2 Sets of Tuning Data) for the Japanese fl1.

Having Aimed for A Natural and Easy Driving Feel with These Specs, We Made The Accelerator Respowne Better, Turbo Lag Reduced, And Torque Being SMOOTHLY R AISED AT The Low RPM Range.

Once Installed, it Requires No EXTRA ADJustment Providing You with the Boost Presure 1.3 Specification and 1.6 One for Even “Sportier” Driving.

1.3 SPEC: 199ps/5,500rps 31.0kgf ・ M/3,200rpm (Hondata Original Low Boost Ver.)

1.6 SPEC: 218ps/5,400rpm 34.6kgf ・ M/3,500rpm (Spoon Sports High Boost Ver.)

RTO (Based on Spoon Demo Car Data)


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