[Hondata] FlashPro Civic Type R FL5 2023+

The new era engine ECU tuning tool, Hondata Flash Pro for 11th Civic Type R (FL5) has been newly added to the lineup.

FLASH PRO completes the ECU tuning simply by installing the pre -prepared tuned calibration (Flash Pro data).

In addition, it is an excellent tuning tool that can be set up according to the user’s own car.

There are two types of data prepared in advance, boost pressure 1.6 specifications and boost pressure 1.8 specifications. The boost pressure is higher than normal, but please choose according to the driving stage and the target tuning style.

Based on the base data, you can adjust it according to your car.

Main adjustable items

・ Boost pressure

Fuel tension

・ Ignition period

・ Cooling fan operation temperature

・ Speed ​​limiter, etc.

With Hondata Flash Pro, which supports various tuning styles, Civic Type R turns into a more fun car.

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