[Hondata] FlashPro N-ONE

[Update] May 24, 2023: JG3 RS 6MT Late model (2022.08-) has been compatible.

[Update] April 11, 2022: Added calibration with regular gasoline specifications.


In 2018, 10th Civic FK FLASHPRO has been well received by many users since the launch of FlashPro in Japan. The feature of this product is that the standard data prepared in advance can be selected according to the user’s preference, and other optional functions can be freely selected according to the driving stage.

We have been developing this diverse extension function and ease of handling for K-CAR, a Japanese full-selling vehicle, and has been developing with the support of Hondata.

Download dedicated software (FlashPromanager), connect to PC → FlashPro → ODB2 terminal (lower driver’s seat dashboard), and simply select the optimal data from three types of tuning data+normal data. You can set up to.

In addition, it is also possible to set up more finely, such as Fuel/Ignition/Knock, so it can be used for hard tuning and racing vehicles. ( * Recommended setting with dynapack)

For genuine boost 0.9, the standard data has been set for three types of boost -up specifications below.


Boost 1.0 High -octane specification, ignition timing, fuel tension optimization

Genuine 1.35kgm Up 9.73ps UP


Boost 1.1 High -octane specification, ignition timing, fuel -tone optimization

Genuine 1.97kgm UP 15.20ps Up


Boost 1.1 High octane specification, ignition timing, fuel -tone optimization, spoon Air Cleaner/N1 Muffler

Genuine 2.76kgm UP 15.85ps Up

Optional installation items

・ Speed ​​limiter cut

・ Idol stop function cancellation

・ Cooling fan operation temperature rotation rotation

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