[Update] August 23, 2023: JG3 RS MT late model (2022.8-) has been compatible.

[Update] July 5, 2023: JG3 RS CVT previous model (2020.11-) has been compatible.

With the Big Turbo Charger Kit on the N-ONE, we faced the output of the output due to the rise in intake temperature as the setup advanced.

Therefore, we started the development of parts that lower the intake temperature, and examined the capacity of the intercooler and optimizing the intake layout.

The 660cc displacement has a low absolute intake flow, and even if the intake temperature is reduced by the increase in the intercooler, the flow velocity inside the core will decrease and heat replacement efficiency will be reduced. The output is improved due to a decrease in the intake temperature, but in actual running, the accelerator response decreases due to a significant decrease in the flow velocity and the driverability deteriorates.

Interviews that have a balance between output and driverability are repeated by repeating trial and error, such as changing the shape of the side tank and core in order to achieve moderate large -sized and hot -exchangeable flow channel resistance that does not sacrifice the accelerator response. I did it.

With the enlarged intercooler, the characteristic intake layout of N-ONE has been significantly changed. The N-ONE air duct has two functions: intercooler and engine intake. However, because it focuses on the cooling of the intercooler, the intake port is placed in the engine room, constantly taking in the engine room.

We have changed the intake duct to a positive two -layer structure so that the cooling of the intercooler and the intake of the engine can be performed from the vicinity of the front grill. Then, the upper layer is used to focus on the engine and the lower layer for the cooling of the intercooler to further reduce the intake temperature.

Not only full -normal vehicles, but also boost -up specifications and upgrade turbo have sufficient effects, and support various tuning stages. N-ONE, which can maintain a stable output with this intercooler kit, is an increasingly fun car.

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