The load on the drive wheels at the time of cornering and acceleration is always different on the left and right.in normaldef, the accelerator -on and the torque at the time are to escape to the driving wheels with low weight.this makes it difficult to brake during cornering and control vehicle control during acceleration.l.s.d.sucts the driving force to escape, the difference between the left and right rings and the difference between the torque, and the traction is transmitted to the road surface by limiting the differential function.in other words, l.s.d.is a necessity for driving sports.the spoon adopts a 1.5 -way (1.75 -way ap1 / 2 only) that is easy to use, and also considers the easiest and maintenance aspects.initiartolk at the time of shipment is set to 9 to 9.5 kg (cold).mechanical l.s.d.due to the structure, there may be a driving ring sound, an internal gear, and a vibration sound.

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