Lsex-f swift sports zc33s intercooler, genuine replacement type, large engine k14c

Additional information

Car model: swift sports vehicle model: cba -zc33s english model: k14c year: 17.09 -genuine replacement this compatile with the the swi ft zc33s. core size 705x131.8x70 (genuine 690x135x50) larger core size than optimized pressure loss and coolingperformalmance the product uses a corrugated fin, and the outer fins that absorb outside air has more surface area thea the slit design tion is increaseed evento in the original position where it it is difficalt to get into the driving wind, the louver catchesand cools. furthermore, this product has been optimized for the fin shape (sharp angles) to ensure cooling performance while also also the air flow p asses though cannot be installed on vehicles equiped with with a safety package. some modification is required for the front bumper adbumper members. processing is required for installation. installation is not accent for returns
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