The ideal body structure proposed by SPOON is “rigidity”.

The newly developed “Motion Control Beam” is a street use, including the head of cornering by controlling the rigidity of the front and rear ends of the body, which is the most twisted when driving, with a special structure damper. It is a product that improves comfort and high quality.

Since the 1990s, we have participated in a touring car racing based on commercial vehicles, and does not impair the comfort and high quality needed for street use, and how to demonstrate the technology, knowledge and experience obtained from the race. With the theme, we have been working on product development.

The most representative product of the SPOON body parts born from the feedback of the race site is Rigikara, which has been released since 2007. In the rigicara, the gap between the body, the subframe, and the tightening bolt is filled with a special shape color, and the strong tightening of the monocoque and the subframe has been realized.

What we focused on this time is the “control of the body end” that occurs during cornering and “compatible with the comfort and high quality necessary for street use.”

The “Motion Control Beam” is a damper with a special friction mechanism at the end of the front trainforce and at the end of the rear end panel.

By attaching a friction -type damper on a diagonal to a diagonal side due to load transfer, it succeeded in reducing the twist significantly while ensuring a certain level of rigidity.

The rigidity can be secured by the normal reinforcement brace alone, but the slight vibration increases, but by installing this friction type damper, the slight vibration has been absorbed, and a high -quality high -quality ride has been realized.

“Motion Control Beam” is a simple structure of high resilience spring and friction plate.

In response to the twist of the body that occurs during cornering, a large input works in the direction that the high -resilience spring suppresses the twist, just like a brace.

On the other hand, a small input suppresses finely twisted by elasticity of the friction plate.

By separately controlling this uncertain twist input, it has become possible to control a wide range.

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