In the spoon, we have been developing on all driving stages in order to pursue the S660 sports performance to a higher area.

Among them, the exhaust system has been repeated in various tests according to various engine specifications.

Although the S07A engine is 660cc, it has enough athletic performance even in normal, but in order to further increase power up by applying ECU tune such as boost up, optimization of exhaust efficiency is essential.

Make the center pipe 50φ and the main pipe into a 60φ different diameter megaphone structure so that you can maximize the torque and power from the normal vehicle to the ECU tune vehicle, and optimize the layout, so that the low -speed torque is not sacrificed. We have improved high -speed output.

Using a 1.2mm thick SUS436 pipe, it is finished lightly while ensuring sufficient strength.

The finisher adopts 65φ1, a symbol of the SPOON N1 muffler, and has both security standards and high -quality N1 sounds.

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