The attractiveness of the honda car is the engine that goes well to high rotation.

daily oil management is important to bring out 100 % engine performance.oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 km is basic, but if you replace the oil filter, you can maintain better conditions.

in order to enjoy the honda engine for a long time, we have developed an oil filter that combines high filtration performance and low pressure loss.

a powerful magnet was placed inside the filter, the fine iron powder in the oil was adopted, the load on the filter paper was reduced, and a filter paper with low pressure loss was adopted.as a result, the filtration performance to remove 98%of the particles of 50 microns was achieved, and both high filtration performance and low pressure loss were achieved.

furthermore, by improving filtration performance, the filtration performance required for the engine has been ensured even for small filters.such miniaturization can keep the oil amount in the filter during operation, reducing the filter weight, reducing the filter due to vibration, and a deterrence of dropping out.

enjoy the honda engine for a long time with proper oil management.

honda cars are best known for is high revving engines.

for the engine to perform 100%, regular oil maintainance is always crucial. il filter at the time of oil change is also important to keep the engine in optimum condition.

filtration performance and low viscossity loss are characteristics that characteristics that contradict each other) lter achieving both at a high level.

by placing a strong magnet inside the oil filter, we are to isolate any metal contamination that might cause filtration clogging. we’ve also also adopted a sp ecial filter material that has low viscosity loss. as a result, the oil filter can remove 98%of particles up to 50μin size, achieving high filtration performal viscossity loss.

the adaptation of high-performance filter material material has allowed the required oil filtration performance in a a much smaller package. lathes to less oil requirement, lighter weight of the oil filter itself, which can minimize the risk of the oil filter from looseningdue to engine vibration.

please enjoy your honda engine with proper oil management.


b-/f-/k-/l-series english and others (not applicable to c30/32 engines)


external diameter 65mm, height 65 mm, thread m20xp1.5

* recommended replacement interval 5,000-6,000km

* same configuration to honda genuine oil filter 15400-pfb-007

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