This progressive spring aimed to gain high stability while improving the light handling performance of N-ONE RS.

The emphasis on the development of suspension systems is how to secure a rebound stroke (stroke on the stretching side of the tire when rolled).

In order to have high stability, it is necessary to keep the tires on the road surface during high -speed driving, cornering, or during cornering. It is important to increase the number of rebound strokes, and if the vehicle height is lowered, the rebound stroke will increase accordingly (for example, if the amount is 20 mm, the rebound stroke is increased by 20 mm).

However, in order to increase the rebound stroke, excessively lowering the vehicle height will insuff the stroke on the bump side, the dampers will cause the bottom to the bottom, and the behavior will be very bad.

The tire bumps and rebounds were measured and the stroke amount was measured, and the optimal balance was found, and the amount of down was the front-25-30mm, rear-25-30mm down.

In addition, the spring rate, another element that determines the cornering performance, tests on various stages, such as winding and mini circuits so that it does not impair the riding comfort, and is performed on various stages, and the front 3.6kgf/mm, rear 2.7kgf//rear 2.7kgf/. Set to MM (normal rate FR/2.0 kgf/mm RR/1.8 kgf/mm).

N -ONE is a more fun car with a progressive spring that balances these requirements without impairing the riding of these requirements, improving stability by rebound stroke up, decreased center of gravity associated with height down, without impairing and riding these requirements. to change.

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