In order to know the Civic type R, which is the fastest FF sports car in the world, we tested normal vehicles on various stages such as circuits, windings, and urban areas.

Among them, the suspension setup was very aggressive and strongly rigid.

However, on the circuit, the roll did not occur smoothly when entering the corner, and it was sometimes deviated from the lines that the driver envisioned, and one side was somewhat hard on the city riding.

Therefore, we have begun developing a progressive spring with the goal of “improving sports performance on all driving stages, and a comfortable riding comfort suspension that drivers can manipulate as desired.”

Spring rate has been increased by about 10 % compared to normal to improve sports performance. In addition, the vehicle height is down about 20 mm, with the aim of increasing the rebound stroke and lowering the center of gravity to keep the gaps and swells supple.

In addition, we used various methods for this spring to get a comfortable ride.

Increased the number of rolls in the spring, the steel used to be used has been long, and the load required for the initial movement has been reduced. In addition, the shape of the spring is adopted ineque barrel type, and the rising characteristics of the spring rate are tuned.

As a result, the rates in the city riding area are improved by reducing the rate of the early stroke, and the high -speed and high -load areas have a high rate, and a supple and sticky drive feel is realized.

With this progressive spring, the Civic Type R turns into the most fun car that the driver can manipulate at will.

In Order To Understand The World’s Fastest’s FF Sports Car, We Tested The Stock Civic Type R on The Race Track, The Winding Roads and The Stre Ets of Japan. Right Away, We NoticeD The Aggressive Suspension Set Up of the Stock Vehicle with with Very High Roll Rigidence Potential.

Howver, on the Track, The Roll Initiated with a Slight Delay Which Which Which Driver To Smoothly Trace THE INTENDED CORNERING LINE ATRY. Meanwhil. E, The Ride Was a Little Too Harsh for Street Driving.

Our Goal Was Clear. To Develop Progressive Springs to IMPROVE PERFORMANCE DRIVING ALL STAGES Liver Comfort on the Street.

To Improve Sports Driving Performance, We IncreaseD THE SPRING RATE by 10% Relative to Stock. FOR BETTER SUPPLENESS SUPPLENESS SUING OVER ROAD ROAD GAPS, We. Bound Stroke. Installation of OUR SPRINGS WILL BRING THE CAR DOWN BY APPROXIMATELY 20mm for Lower Center of Gravity.

OUR Development Team Also Worked Hard to IMPROVE Ride Comfort. By COIL THEREFORE EXTENDING THE LENGTH OF THE SPRING, We Lowered The Requi Red to Initiale The Response of The Spring. The Response Rate Was Fine Tuned by IMPLEMENTING AN IREGULAR-PITCHED SPRING HAVING HAVING a Barrel-Shaped Cross Section Profile.

The Lowered Load Requirement to Initiation Spring Response Improvede Ride Comfort forTREET Use, While The Progressive Spring Rate Delivers Traction Fors Traction Fors Traction Fors. Higher Speeds and Spirited Driving.

The Spoon Sports Progressive Spring Set Enhances The Driver’s Ability to Control and the True THE CIVIC TYPE R.

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