Since the rear suspension of FIT3 (GK5) is a torsion beam type, there is no camber or to the toe adjustment mechanism, so the toe will be large in the direction in the direction of lowdown.

For the FF (front -wheel drive) vehicle, if the rear toe turns to IN extremely, the rear grip power will be too high, that is, the turn performance will be inferior.

Therefore, SPOON has repeated tests to find the best toe according to the low down amount, a STREET version for a light tune vehicle with a STD ratio of 20-30 mm down, and a Race version for a race vehicle with a STD ratio of 40 to 50 mm down. We have developed two types of plates to achieve smooth maneuverability and high turn performance.

In addition, the plate material is high -strength S50C, and the thickness of the caliper support is improved. The rigidity of the hub mounting surface, which is often overlooked by FF sports cars, can make ABS intervention more smoothly and accurate during hard braking.

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