Data such as air fuel efficiency and ignition timing of normal computers is set to be easier and satisfactory for anyone in consideration of fuel efficiency, noise, exhaust gas, aging change, the spoon, it is safe to develop and test under various conditions to respond to high -powered driving scenes, high -response requirements, and are safe for the total fuel injection, exhaust temperature, and ignition timing.we are developing a computer that realizes high power while setting in the addition, the computer requires an air cleaner box for a spoon or std, and the bare mushroom type is not inertial inertia and the valley of torque is formed.on the other hand, the exhaust system is fine if there is a flow rate equivalent or higher.however, please note that large -diameter muffler pipes are not expected.if you use high -level tuning vehicles or motor sports, we will respond to individual requests.please contact the motor sports gr.

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