In SPOON, we have achieved high athletic performance by developing and installing Stiff Plate Front to improve the ground contact and maneuvering stability of the S660 front section.

However, as we are developing the vehicle body, in order to improve the situation that can always be corrected from the “lack of rigidity” and “unreliable”, which is transmitted from the steering, pursuing a higher level of maneuvering stability and pursuing the cause and development test. I have repeated.

The part that caused this was the conclusion of the steering gearbox.

Normally, the steering gearbox is strongly concluded with four or more bolts on the subframe.

However, the S660 was concluded with only two bolts, and the bolt hole in the conclusion was rattled, so that it was always twisted and needed to be fine.

The body and the steering gearbox were increased, aiming for a high rigidity structure that can be received by the body and gearbox for large inputs.

The plate was designed with a dedicated press type with a 3D CAD, as well as the Stiff Plate Front, and the 1.6mm thick JSC780 super high -ten material was molded with a 800t hydraulic press.

In addition, the gap between the signing bolts has been created in the same principle as the rigicola.

By increasing the strength of the steering gearbox itself, we were able to realize a direct and high -quality steering feel.

The installation can be installed without any processing.

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