The front of the S660 has a monocoque structure without a subframe, but as shown in the image, the intensity of the genuine gazette plate at the lower arm mounting part is not sufficient, so it will be twisted especially during hard braking or rolling.

Therefore, the rigid plate that integrated the left and right of the front and left and right of the front of the front and the body.

By making the suspension and body one BOX like a subframe, it enables direct and stable maneuverability.

First, the CAE analysis of the body is performed, designed with SPOON’s unique design and development method, and based on that, a dedicated press type is designed with a 3D CAD, and cutting is cut with a machining center.

The material is a 2mm thick JSC780 super high -ten material that is usually used only in the skeleton of the chassis, and is molded with a 800t hydraulic press.

The finish is the same cation specification as genuine.

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