The basics of the balanced total setting that SPOON aims is to build the ideal body first.

The new Civic has a newly developed high rigidity platform with an inner skeleton, and has sufficiently secured body rigidity, but further improves the strength of the body and the subframe, provides higher levels of driving performance. You can do things.

By integrating the bolt hole in the subframe, “Rigicara”, and the body, subframe, and lore arm mounting part are integrated with a rigid plate, the original body rigidity of the car is demonstrated, stable in the original suspension work and directly. You can get pilot properties.

Increasing the rigidity of the body will never make the riding comfort hard, and the suspension will make it maximize the original movement, so it will be a supple and high -quality ride.

The material is made of JSC780 super high -ten material that is usually used in the skeleton of the body, and is molded with a 800t hydraulic press. The three plates were spotted and finished with the same cationic paint.

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