SW388 16″7.5J+30 5H114.3

SW388 is an icon that can be said to be a synonym for a spoon. Honda fans around the world have been searching for various possibilities on spoons and have been considering reproduction. With the same thoughts at that time, we will manufacture and launch a new SW388 at TAN-EI-SYA, Toyama Prefecture, a Japan-leading wheel maker, and a new SW388 at All Made in Japan. Alumite processing of matte black that is lighter than painting. Why isn’t the hub surface flat? This is a hint from the human arch, and the inside of the arch is cut inward, and a space that does not contact the surface is provided, and the load is naturally applied to the outside, improving the intensity of the hub and wheel, and the road surface. It is now possible to reduce the burden on the absorption of shocks, holes and hub knuckles. In addition, it is a design and function that enhances the accuracy of the center axis after installation, and does not lift the hub bolt after installation.

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