In SPOON, we are promoting the development in pursuit of total balance at a higher level, such as ECU, suspension, and body rigidity, but the most challenging problem in running sports and time attacks is the turbo -specific water temperature rise. was.

The water temperature where the engine can most efficiently demonstrate power is 70-80 ° C, but if it rises further, a sudden power down will occur.

This is because the ECU controls fuel increase and lagging in the ignition timing to prevent knocking in the combustion chamber due to the rise in water temperature.

The rotation thermostat developed this time is about 10 ° C lower than the genuine thermostat with the opening temperature of 68 ° C (genuine 78 ° C) and the fully open temperature (genuine 90 ° C). The cooling water circulates on the radiator quickly and the water temperature rises to suppress the power down.

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