Human hands are very sensitive and have much higher sensitivity than their feet and other parts.

Shift operation is one of the few parts that the driver operates directly by hand.

The transmission that is directly operated by hand has a large change in the shift feeling depending on the skill of the kumite, and assembly requires a high level of skill.

The transmission we manufacture maintains high quality by consistently performing cleaning, measurement, inspection, and assembly from the decomposition of a dedicated mechanic.

In the overhaul work, in addition to measurement and visual confirmation, such as the condition of the gear tooth surface, the bend of the shaft, the red check is performed to check the unvice micro cracks.

At the time of assembly, consumables such as synchro and bearing are replaced with new ones, and the shafts are examined and only the passed parts are used.

Assembly is carefully assembled while checking the gear feel, the weight of the sliding portion, such as bearing and synchro.

Enjoy a pleasant drive with a dedicated mechanic and a transmission that is assembled in a managed environment.

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