With the progress of the recent powertrain, we thought that the turbo engine was a very intotiable NA engine when tuning the turbo engine that Honda has adopted.

In the experience of tuning many NA engines so far, “leading a little more air to the combustion chamber with less resistance is an important factor in improving output efficiently.” This product was born from our thoughts.

This throttle body improves the output of the floating circuit area and increases the amount of inhaled air due to the expansion of the butterfly diameter.

Furthermore, by increasing the surface roughness inside the body and lowering the flow resistance, the flow velocity of inhalation air can be increased and the response can be improved.

In addition, the intake layout of the Honda car is very excellent in the turbo engine, and it does not require any processing on the body side because it is based on a normal throttle body so that the performance can be maximized. It is a feature of the product.

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