[m110] synthetic oil

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In order to promote fuel efficiency, which is a demand of the times, low viscosity grade products are now mainstream, and in order to achieve even greater fuel efficiency, the viscosity of the base oil itself is being reduced while maintaining the same product viscosity.on the other hand, engine protection performance, maintenance of anti-wear performance especially in low speed range, and base oil evaporation due to cheap base oil are also factors to consider.
it is also true that depending on the vehicle, there are concerns such as excessively low viscosity resulting in oil leakage, an increase in oil consumption and carbon in the combustion chamber, and a decline in the quality of clean exhaust gas.
under such circumstances, the m110 is a proposal as one option.
for sae 20 and 30, the main purpose is to suppress oil rise, which is one of the root causes, and the base oil is configured.for sae 40/50/60, functional additives are balanced assuming use under high temperature and high load conditions in sports driving.