[m111] synthetic oil

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Moty's engine oil has a high-level balance of high-temperature and high-load durability, which can be said to be a trade-off, especially for general driving of normal vehicles to all kinds of competition vehicles, and its pick-up performance, high response performance, and durability performance.this is the product that allows for the most multiple uses among the group.
this product uses a hydrocarbon-based synthetic base oil with excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics and an ester-based synthetic base oil with excellent heat resistance and solubility.by using carefully selected functional polymers that enable viscosity tracking and combining multiple friction modifiers, it is possible to minimize viscous resistance and frictional resistance.on the other hand, in sae 50, no functional polymer is used, and the balance of functional additives is limited to friction modifiers, making it a design that emphasizes heat resistance and durability.