[m111d] synthetic oil

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This product is a clean diesel oil developed under moty's original standards, and does not comply with conventional diesel standards such as jaso dl-1.
the sulfated ash component, which is the main cause of clogging the installed dpf device, also has the aspect of being an important functional additive from the viewpoint of cleaning the inside of the engine and improving wear resistance.
on the other hand, there is no end to the trend towards high power in modern diesel vehicles, and the engine load is on the rise.
under these circumstances, we selected a unique base material and established a new key molecular weight distribution to reduce the amount of oil flowing into the combustion chamber and suppress the influx of sulfated ash components into the combustion chamber.as a result, we have made it possible to ensure the lifespan of the dpf device, and at the same time, improved engine protection performance, making it a reality to maximize the performance of high-spec engines for a long time.