[m747] coolant

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Moty's m747 is a product developed as a coolant for all motor sports exposed to high temperature and high load conditions.while achieving high cooling performance under harsh conditions exposed to high temperatures and high loads, it also maintains a freezing temperature of -34℃, which is rare for a racing coolant, making it an all-season long-life coolant.i'm finishing it.on the other hand, we have also taken every possible measure to be environmentally friendly.we do not use silica, amine, or phosphorous compounds that may be subject to regulations based on ethylene glycol, which is not subject to the prtr law, and have high metal corrosion prevention properties andthis product ensures foaming properties.

how to use: in order to take full advantage of the m747's performance, we recommend replacing it completely.if there is dirt inside the radiator, clean it using m750 or m668.