Sway Bar Kit

Reducing Body Roll & Improving HandlingThe CUSCO Sway Bar Kit replaces the factory sway bars (if equipped) and uses the factory mounting locations. The CUSCO Sway Bar will dramatically reduce body roll since its stiffness is greater than the factory sway bar or if the vehicle is not equipped with one. The larger diameter and steel strength bar give the CUSCO Sway Bar more resistance against torsion, which helps keep the vehicle stabilized during cornering and reduces weight transfer.Reduce body roll without change of ride comfortImprove stability during lane-change at high speedsVehicle specific spring rate settingsThere are several ways to reduce body roll. Replacing higher spring rate coil springsand shock absorber is the way to improve, however, it affects ride comfort directly.Having higher spring rate of sway bar is one of the best ways to reduce bodyroll without affecting ride comfort.Q. What will happen after replacing suspension components?A1. Replace with OE Sway bars onlyHelps to reduce body roll and improve vehicle stabilities at high speed driving.A2. Replace with Shock Absorbers onlyAdding above, improve steering response sharperA3. Replace with Lowering Springs onlyLess shock absorber stroke amount helps to reduce body roll and improve steering response sharperA4. Replace with Coilover Suspension KitReducing body roll and improve steering response sharperA5. Use for Race / CompetitionImprove steering response quicker and correct understeering/oversteering.Q. How to set-up Sway bar Kit?A1. Correct Oversteer during CorneringOversteer at Corner Entrance: Use Higher Spring Rate Front Sway BarOversteer at Corner Exit: Use Higher Spring Rate Rear Sway barA2. Correct Push-Understeer at Corner ExitUse Lower Spring Rate Sway Bars for both Front and RearA3. Improve Initial Steering Wheel ResponseUse Higher Spring Rate Rear Sway BarA4. Correct Understeer at Corner EntranceUse Lower Spring Rate Front Sway Bar and Higher Spring Rate Rear Sway BarA5. Reducing Body RollUse Higher Spring Rate Front Sway Bar and Higher Spring Rate Rear Sway BarAdjustable Sway BarCUSCO offers 2-3 stiffness level adjustable (at the end links) sway bars for selective vehicles.[ For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Model 7/8/9 ]CUSCO offers Front Sway Bar Adjustable Bracket.

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